upgrade redmine using svn

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19 APRIL 2011 after a upgrade, i got 500 error on user login. There was no easy solution for this. From the site, i found svn upgrade is for experienced users. So i switched to stable release. Now onwards, only install stable (tar.gz) redmine to avoid further problems.

cd /home/redmine
mysqldump redmine > /backup/redmine_$(date +%m%d%Y%H).sql
svn update
rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
rake db:migrate:upgrade_plugin_migrations RAILS_ENV=production 
rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production 
rake tmp:cache:clear
rake tmp:sessions:clear

After upgrade go to "Admin -> Roles & permissions" to check/set permissions for the new features, if any.

Upgraded on

21 June 2010
12 July 2010
07 April 2011