install nginx from yum in centos 5

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First you need to install EPEL repository, this will work with CentOS and RHEL.

To install nginx, run

yum install nginx

EPEL also have lighttpd

[[email protected] lighttpd]# yum list|grep lighttpd
lighttpd.i386                            1.4.20-6.el5           epel
lighttpd-fastcgi.i386                    1.4.20-6.el5           epel
lighttpd-mod_geoip.i386                  1.4.20-6.el5           epel
lighttpd-mod_mysql_vhost.i386            1.4.20-6.el5           epel
mogstored-backend-lighttpd.noarch        2.30-1.el5             epel
[[email protected] lighttpd]#