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27-Mar-2014 02:52 PM I setup 2 * 2 TB HDD as Windows 7 Software Raid 1 (mirror). This is my first Non VMWare raid. I tested on VMWare with virtual disk before creating on my live PC to make sure i don't lose any data. It take more than 6 hours to sync the disk. On Disk Manager, it said Resynching. I keep PC on when i sleep, when i wake up, Raid status changed to Healthy. When it was Resynching, PC was slighly slow (i can play BF3 from other HDD with out much problem). Playing video from RAID disk was like playing from a corrupt DVD.

Total Disk Space = 1907727 MB
Partition 1 size  = 950000 MB
Balance Disk space = 957726 MB
Partition 2 size = 950000 MB
Free Space = 7.55 GB Unallocated.

windows 7 raid 1.png

windows 7