Connecting to linux desktop from windows

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To connect to remote linux from windows desktop

Enable desktop sharing

On linux, from menu select Remote Desktop

System > Preferences > Internet and Networking > Remote Desktop

Check the first two check boxes as shown in figure below.

Linux remote desktop.jpg

That's all. Gnome desktop us vinagre, a VNC software to allow remote desktop connection. You can now connect from Windows computer with any VNC Viewer software.

Connecting From Windows

You can use (free)

To connect double click the VNC Viewer software.

Enter IP Address of your Linux computer, click connect.

Linux remote desktop vnc 1.jpg

You will be able to see remote link desktop now.

Linux remote desktop vnc 2.jpg

If you can't it will be firewall on your PC or Remote Linux computer, on linux computer stop firewall by

service network stop
iptables -L

Click full screen image from tool bar to go full screen, to exit full screen


You can also use RealVNC to connect to Linux desktop same way, but tightVNC looks better.

linux desktop