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  • dpkg -s Report status of specified package.

To get list of installed packages

dpkg --get-selections

To see if zip package installed

[email protected]:/# dpkg --get-selections | grep zip
bzip2                                           install
gzip                                            install
libmono-sharpzip2.84-cil                        install
unzip                                           install
zip                                             install
[email protected]:/#

You can also use "dpkg -l" or "dpkg --list"

[email protected]:/# dpkg -l | grep zip
ii  bzip2                                1.0.5-4                                         high-quality block-sorting file compressor -
ii  gzip                                 1.3.12-9ubuntu1                                 GNU compression utilities
ii  libmono-sharpzip2.84-cil             2.4.4~svn151842-1ubuntu4                        Mono SharpZipLib library (for CLI 2.0)
ii  unzip                                6.0-1build1                                     De-archiver for .zip files
ii  zip                                  3.0-2                                           Archiver for .zip files
[email protected]:/#

To see files of zip package

[email protected]:/# dpkg -L zip
[email protected]:/#

Find, which package owns "/usr/bin/wget"

[email protected]:/# dpkg -S /usr/bin/wget
wget: /usr/bin/wget
[email protected]:/#