cpanel server migration

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This HOWTO shows how to move all sites on a cpanel server to another new cpanel server. This will help when you are moving from old server to new server. After using a server for 1 or more years, its better to move to a new server, you will get better cpu/ram and price compared to your current server.

Moving Accounts

WHM provide option to transfer account from remote server. Use

Main >> Transfers >> Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server

On the page, you need to enter old server IP and root password. On next page, you will get list of accounts (domains) and packages on the server.

Select all the domains and packages, click the copy button at bottom of the page, cpanel will start transferring the web sites.

Once finished, you can change IP of your name servers to new server IP. All sites will start serving from new server once the name server ip is propagated.

If you can't wait that much time, just edit dns on old server and point to new server IP, this will make the site start serving from new server for users who have no DNS cache (that is new visitors).