check password-less login

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SSH allow password less login. If hacker set key, you will see it at

cat ~root/.ssh/authorized_keys

Here is on my local server

[[email protected] ~]# cat ~root/.ssh/authorized_keys
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EGGGGBJQAAAIEAlFTVQcmbZJLf3vY629dMbAP4JO6fGVch9EDhcuNbGQEc1flU7Dcx6GBGuNzN3eyVbtTEL7jZ5VdAUS72ci5H3SY3z0Li5oMwOXd4M1Dnx5MknXFscwgNkjie1/WgKMGn0SchKiTjTj0GlMXnyPRhXBIuN+w0ukOo2CZ36vgL9G0= rsa-key-20041107
[[email protected] ~]#

This is my key, not by any key, if you see a key that is not set by you, you can delete the file.