Windows 7 user security

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During Windows 7 installation, it create an account with Administrative privileges. Do not use it for daily work. If you want to use the user, then do following.

Activate Administrator Account

1. Click Start. Right Click "Computer" select Manage. 2. Goto "Local Users and Groups -> Users". In right-side pane double-click on "Administrator" account. It'll open its Properties. Deselect "Account is disabled" option and Apply it.

You can also do this by typing following command in command line.

net user administrator /active:yes

Set Password for Administrator Account

Right Click Administrator in Computer Management, select "Change Password"

You can also get password from command line with following command.

net user administrator PASSWORD_HERE

Make Default Account Normal

Double click on default Administrator account created by Win 7 during install.

Go to "Member Of" Tab. Remove "Administrator" Group. Keep only "Home Users" Group.

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